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March 8-10, 2013 I went away with The Lord and left everything behind…including this spot, for perfect reason. My love and prayers will be forever blessed because of that time – know brothers and sisters that you are a part of that prayer and that His love is your prayer as well. Enter!

Art, Catholicism, Celebrity, Faith, Family, Friends, Holidays, iPhone, News, Photography, School, Travel, Work

Lenten Light


Traveling for knowledge tonight…there was a talk on teaching the youth the faith.
If a frog were to jump into a boiling pot it would jump immediately out. Put that frog in lukewarm water, turn up the heat slowly until it boils and the frog will sit there and pass away.
The Lenten season started today for Catholics, we are called to realize what’s making us “burn” so we can jump out and not boil. Prayers, AMDG



Art, Catholicism, Celebrity, Concert, Faith, Friends, iPhone, News, Photography, School, Travel, Work

Angels Sing