Slowly but surely the posts will start to answer the “about” section, so read on!

I thought about blogging in the past, but it wasn’t until I was challenged to post a photo a day and write something starting on my quarter of a century day of birth (hence September – I’m just glad I wasn’t born in August like I was supposed to be. September sounds and is cooler). You’ll come to find out many things about me, but being a competitive person made me want to rise to this challenge. Well, maybe this isn’t so much of a challenge but a way to discover and record happenings. I dislike being cliche, but I’m afraid I’m too late with this whole blog on my birthday, but I’ll try not to be.These posts are ultimately about sharing a piece of life and opening it up to God’s endless opportunities. I will not always strike a laugh, tear, thought, question, prayer, conversation or wondering; but I hope it will do all that.

As for the comment buttons feel free to use, they’re there for a reason

More photos: http://www.wix.com/mkglowe14/14


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